International Certification in Endocannabinoid Medicine

Endocannabinoid System (ECS) Fundaments, Cannabis as Medicine and Practical Prescriptions Guidelines


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Prepare for the New Frontier in Medicine

WeCann Academy’s Endocannabinoid Medicine Certification program aims to prepare physicians to safely and effectively incorporate Endocannabinoid Medicine into their practice. 

The course covers the fundamentals of the Endocannabinoid System and the key concepts around Medical Cannabis, through a unique and differentiated learning experience, always based on scientific evidence and the prescriptive experience of highly qualified technical experts. 

Through master and complementary classes, sessions to update the most recent published studies, mentoring to discuss clinical cases, a digital handout with rich consultation material, and participation in an exclusive community, the student will have a scientific basis to exercise this therapy in the practice, with excellence and confidence

Understand the Endocannabinoid System in its complexity of regulatory action in the pathophysiological processes of the human body; 

Handling and administering cases of greater complexity and refractoriness to usual and conventional therapy; 

Incorporate safely and effectively medicines derived from cannabinoids in your medical practice; 

Choose the most appropriate formulation for each patient, manage potential adverse effects and develop individualized dosing strategies;

Have the scientific evidence and prescriptive safety necessary to offer better alternatives to your patients; 

Minimize the suffering of patients with serious and disabling diseases and promote quality of life and well-being on a large scale.

This course is for you, who want to: 


Gain access to an exclusive community on to exchange experiences and discuss clinical cases, and receive an International Certificate.

A digital and interactive study material, with rich technical details to accompany the learning journey, comfortably accessible from any device 

Digital Handout


Strategic masterclasses with global leaders in Endocannabinoid Medicine and Medicinal Cannabis. 


Presentation and discussion of clinical cases to consolidate learning with Experts with extensive prescriptive experience. 

Complementary Classes

Immersive classes to emphasize the key concepts developed throughout the program, with Experts with proven technical experience. 

Meet our journey

We have developed a unique methodology that will provide you with disruptive knowledge and the necessary security to incorporate it into your medical practice:


WeCann Experts

A highly qualified team gathered in a community to bring you scientifically based knowledge and practical experience in an impartial and high quality manner.

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49 Immersion days 

High-Quality Content 

Exclusive Sessions 

National and International Experts 

A course outline designed for physicians of the most diverse specialties and areas of expertise who wish to incorporate a valuable tool in their therapeutic arsenal safely and effectively

Up-to-date sessions

Meetings specially designed for you to keep up-to-date on the latest scientific publications and trials in the area. 

Historical aspects of Medical Cannabis

An incursion into the timeline, from the first historical reports of the use of Cannabis for medical purposes, through the process of banning the use of the plant to the scientific discoveries that unveiled this new frontier of Medicine.

The Cannabis Plant

Technical aspects of the plant, different chemovar, main cultivation methods, so that you can understand in greater depth the medical properties of the main chemical agents of the plant, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes.

The Endocannabinoid System

Detailed and uncomplicated view of the Endocannabinoid System, responsible for regulating practically all the physiological and pathological processes of the human body. We approach the interactions of cannabinoid substances with endocannabinoid receptors in the main systems of the human body, as well as the practical consequences of this knowledge.

Cannabis as a medicine

Approach to Cannabis as a medication, the main methods of extracting this medication, the differences between the formulations and the routes of administration, pharmacokinetic aspects of Cannabis-based drugs, the most common adverse effects of this therapy, aiming at safer and more assertive prescriptions.

Clinical applications

Main clinical applications of cannabinoid derivatives, evidence-based medicine, integrated into the practical discussion of clinical cases with national and international experts with extensive prescriptive experience.

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Check out what our students say about WeCann Academy:

"We need knowledge to help our patients and WeCann Academy provides this very well, including the direct contact with the experts! I tell fellow doctors who don't know this therapeutic tool to open their minds and to study the endocannabinoid system, to get an idea of what Cannabis is capable of! "

Dra. Leila M. A.


"I was looking for a course with a practical approach,  focused on learning how to prescribe medical Cannabis ... I chosed WeCann by the team of experts, the short duration and the possibility to see classes at any time through the platform. In addition, I considered the price fair.

Dra. Luiza G.


Excellent course! The content is very thorough and organized, the lecturers generous in sharing their experiences, with presentation and discussion of clinical cases that are really exciting because of the impact of the patient's life. 

Dra. Alessandra L.


"Really good! I will miss these meetings! With lots of sharing, amazing!  Human physicians."

Dra. Isolda de Araújo


"it was really fantastic and enriching this journey."

Dra. Andrea R.


"WeCann course has a very high quality, with qualified professionals, who have a support network, with excellent and enlightening lectures, it is really worthwhile!"

Dra. Scheilla M. F.


"I chose WeCann for the professionals quality involved. I have no words to describe the quality of the course, phenomenal, spectacular!!!!! I tell colleagues to take the course to understand the real world of Medical Cannabis, to study hard and stay tuned to the Cannabis industry, it is worth it! This natural therapeutic weapon, with low adverse effects and high assertiveness, is applicable in several pathologies.”


Dr. Victor S.

"I am very grateful to the WeCann team, I feel much safer as a prescriber of Medical Cannabis after everything I have learned from this course! Thank you."

Homeopath and Integrative Medicine 

Dra. Teresa C. Q.

"I love WeCann classes, the meetings with experienced experts and the presentation of conduct in clinical cases. I really like how they put themselves, with respect and love for what they do, and the focus on making everything  transparent , explanatory and practical as possible, through the molecular and scientific basis, which was put in each discussion."


Dra. Izabel R.

Leslie Apgar

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